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How to care the clothes

Care of clothes…


  1. A well-groomed look is the result of neat and clean garments. No outfit can look smart unless it is kept in good condition. If the clothes are given attention, they deserve, they will reward you in several ways.

    No matter how many outfits you have in your cupboard, they can only be worn if they are maintained properly. A rip in e seam, a missing button, a soiled collar and stain or spot on your dress shows how careless you are. The clothes you wear reflect, “I care” or “I don’t care” attitude.

Daily clothing’s are :

Avoid soiling on clothes:
* Be watchful of dirty and dusty seats and tables.
* Avoid brushing against cars, doors, or leaning against walls.
* Don’t handle newspapers or dark colored bags when wearing while colored dress.

Avoid wrinkling on clothes: –
* Raise your dress or kurta by slightly lifting it at the side seam before sitting down to prevent the back.
* Smoothen the pleats in the back of your skirt before sitting down.
* Slide into a car seat so that your skirt,dress,or saree will be smooth under you.

Protect clothes from damage: –
* Unfasten jackets buttons before sitting
* Change to comfortable clothes after you return home.
* Keep hands out of pocket.
* Ensure no food has been spilled over the chair before sitting.
* Fasten costume jewellery,pins, and clips securely and carefully so that they will not tear or make holes in your clothes.
* Don’t fill your pockets to the bulging state. This stretches the fabric and may even pull out at the corners.
* Carry bags, books and packages on different hands to avoid constant rubbing in one place or shoulders.

How to put on and take off the clothes : –

Why is it necessary to put on and take off clothes with care? Many garments become shapeless and tear because their owners make a daily struggle of getting in and out of them.

* Put a dress over your head instead of stepping into it unless it has a lock opening. Be sure that all fasteners are completely opened and belts are not twisted.
* Be sure your nails are smooth specially when putting on hosiery.
* Soiled clothes should not be put back into the cupboard. Mildew can damage the fabric. Place the clothing once worn in a well ventilated place to get rid of some of your body odor if you plan it to wear again.

Weekly care of clothes

A weekly check of your cupboard will minimize the daily care you have to give your clothes. Get your clothes ready to wear ahead of time. It will assure you of having enough changes ready for the entire week and for all occasions. This will save time in the week when you might be too busy.


Laundering is a term implied to the washing of clothes to remove dirt and finishing them for good looks. Washing of clothes depend upon: –
Nature of fabric
Kind and amount of dirt fixed to it

Garments are given finish after washing to give neatness. The finishing may require starching and ironing to make cloth look good as new.

Steps required in general washing and cleaning of clothes: –

* Sauting of clothes: –
* White and colored
* Very dirty
* Wet linen and other personal clothes.

Steeping:material is soaked in soap solution hence economy of time, labour and soap.

Washing: by soaps and detergents.

Hot water washing: – white clothes and linen can be washed at high temperature. Fast colored articles can also be washed in hot water.

Rinsing:to remove all traces of soap suds ,rinsins ia to be done several times. Last rinse is done always in cold water.

Stiffening and bluing: white clothes are blued starch gives a fresh appearance and makes it dust proof.

Finishing:pressing or ironing.


It is convenient when done on skirt board. Clothes get wrinkled during washing. They need to be ironed to look good. Even washed and wear garments need occasional light ironing. Washed clothes and fabrics contain moisture making it applicable enough to pull the fabrics into shapes while finishing cotton and linen are dampened before ironing.      silk and wool are left half dried. Organdy is ironed when almost wet. If you have rolled clothes in the towel to remove excess moisture after washing you will not have to sprinkle them with water. If you cannot iron all you have damped then put them in a polythene bag and keep them in the refrigerator


It can be given through starchy substance. Starch when applied to dark colored clothes gives good finish. These days you may even have cold-water starch when applied to the garment to give lusture. It even makes the fabric when resistant to dirt. Calendaring and charak is another finishing technique specially used on sarees and dupattas. Fabric is stretched properly to avoid creases and without loosing its shape.

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